Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery – The Fading Beauty

Ronald “Ronn” Montague Moss is an American actor, musician and singer/ songwriter. He is known as the member of the band Player as bassist and singer and for his long-running role as Ridge Forrester on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful from 1987 to 2012. Since he was young Moss grew up surrounded by the theater, concert and rock & roll music world which built his skill. Player released their single Baby Come Back in 178, and it occupied the #1 position on the national pop charts, and the band was voted to the Billboard Magazine honor roll of Top New Singles Artist of 1978. The band has been experienced hiatus for a couple of years and during the time, Moss released some of his solo albums. In 2014 Moss along with Player appeared on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and performed their hit single Baby Come Back. For acting career, Moss debuted his role as Ruggero in the 1983 Italian film Padalini-storiad’ami e d’amori. In 1987, Moss was offered the role as Ridge Forrester on a new soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful. In the same year, Moss also gained much critical acclaim for his theatrical role as Rowdy Abliene in the classic Hard Ticket to Hawaii. In 2010, Moss joined as the participant of Dancing with the Stars and finishing second with his partner, Sara Di Vaira. After a long-running role as Ridge for25 years, in 2012 Moss publicly announce that he exit The Bold and the Beautiful without giving any clear reason.

Ronn Moss before plastic surgery – A Man with Lovely Chin

Everybody agree that Ronn Moss is a type of man to be adored. He has wonderful acting and musical skill, combine with an attractive appearance. However, some gradual changes are observed by people’s eyes and make them believe that Ronn Moss plastic surgery is actually a fact. Following the rumor, Ronn Moss’s before and after plastic surgery photographs started to spread widely to prove that the bassist’s current look is the result of plastic surgery. No one can forget the uniqueness of his chin and cheeks before. He had sunken cheeks and chin which gives him impressive facial features. We never know what was in his mind until he decided to do plastic surgery and changed his unique chin. The sunken chin is no longer there, we can compare the look of before and after plastic surgery photos, how the unique feature has disappeared because of the work of chin implant. Also known as chin enhancement, the procedure gives him a bigger chin and erase some of his wonderful look of his face.


Ronn Moss after plastic surgery – Ambition of Youthfulness

Besides the chin implant, there are several other surgery procedures. The actor seems to be addicted to the spirit of youthfulness and driving himself to involve in cosmetic surgery including Botox, facelift, neck lift and eye lift procedures. Too much, isn’t it? And the worst of it, after plastic surgery he does not have a better appearance like he had previously before plastic surgery. By observing his old and new photographs, of course, we can see how the procedures successfully get rid of all the natural aging marks like wrinkles on the forehead, lines surround his lips, and crow lines near his eyes area. However, the result of those combined procedures signifies the fading beauty of the actor. Ronn Moss now has rather plumper cheeks and chin with stiff skin surface, and he is no longer able to make his fans stunned with his unique and impressive facial feature. Maybe Moss not only have to say goodbye to all the aging signs but also a farewell to his previously great appearance. Talking about his hits single, Moss will not be able to make his ‘baby comes back’ with his current look.

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